In-Depth Analysis.

Package 2: Advanced IT Strategy, Integration, and Transformation


Building on Package 1, Package 2 offers an expanded service with a comprehensive stakeholder review to tailor IT solutions to specific business needs. It includes alignment workshops, detailed RFP development based on stakeholder success criteria, and a more extensive search and shortlisting of suppliers. This package offers a deeper impact study across all business functions and high-touch consulting services up to 90 days post-go-live, ensuring a thorough and aligned vendor transition and integration process.

  • Tech Discovery: Analyze current technology and systems.
  • Business Unit Transition Alignment: Ensure seamless integration with business units.
  • Business Issue to Technology Map: Link business challenges with IT solutions.
  • Defining Business Objectives: Align IT strategies with business goals.
  • Cost Model/Budget & Tech-Biz Controls: Develop financial frameworks and controls.
  • Roadmap Goals & Supplier Alignment: Create a strategic roadmap and select suitable suppliers.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Satisfaction: Deep understanding and integration of all stakeholder IT requirements.
  • Strategic Alignment Across Departments: Uniformity in expectations and objectives across all business units.
  • Informed Vendor Selection: A detailed RFP that leads to more informed and aligned vendor selection.
  • Minimized Impact During Transition: Detailed planning and impact studies ensure smooth transitions across all functional areas.
  • Customized Contractual Agreements: Contracts that are thoroughly vetted to meet business needs comprehensively.
  • Extended Support and Guidance: Long-term consulting support to ensure sustained success beyond implementation.
Partnership Details
  • Deep-Dive Collaboration: Engages deeply with all levels of the client's organization to understand and align with their specific IT needs.
  • Stakeholder-Focused Workshops: Conducts alignment workshops tailored to integrate all stakeholder perspectives into the project.
  • Comprehensive Vendor Analysis: Facilitates a thorough vetting process of a broad array of suppliers, ensuring the best fit for the client.
  • Detailed Transition Planning: Provides extensive planning and support to minimize disruptions during IT transitions.
  • Ongoing Consultation and Support: Delivers high-touch, white-glove consulting services from initial vendor interaction through to post-go-live stabilization.
  • Vinco does not receive an upfront commission, nor do we receive a base salary from the suppliers. We earn a small residual payment from the carriers for the term of your service. This means that you do not pay Vinco directly for our services, and there are no up front costs to working with us.

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