Morningstar Senior Living

The Evolution of Support

Morningstar Senior living community outsources IT to drive scaled cost model and growth to focus on care.


saved annually vs Inhouse IT team

208 hours/week

saved in total annual personal efficiency

1300 workdays



cost efficiency realized day one

The Solution

The Challenge

Their existing MSP and IT partners did not support efficiency. They promised the world, but didn’t deliver, and things got worse as Morning Star Living scaled. Their partner was holding them back from delivering to investors and creating increasing risk, while the technology debt piled up.

The Process

We have continued to support all parties as changes have come up and provided facilitation so all stakeholders are heard and valued. The expected outcomes were met and exceeded and the business is thriving from an empowered IT services group. Most of all, the technical debt has been paid off!

TheirVinco met with Morning Star Living and all their stakeholders with objectives to understand what the desired  outcomes were. What is the goal for all areas of the business and what was not being delivered in the contract?

We surveyed the market, interviewed 9 providers and narrowed it down based on data and supporting metrics, in service of the client. Finalists were judged equally and in full transparency with the ultimate decision in the client’s hands.

We partnered with the executive and legal team to work through all commercial paper and supported final contracts, onboarding, challenges and eventual successful execution.

The Results

Technology Debt Reduction

The partnership with the outsourcing provider enabled Morningstar Senior Living to address their technology debt. By implementing robust systems and processes, they successfully paid off their accumulated technical debt, ensuring a more stable and future-proof IT environment.

Enhanced Focus on Care:

By outsourcing IT operations, Morningstar Senior Living was able to redirect their internal resources and focus on their core competency—providing exceptional care to their residents. The partnership allowed the organization to allocate more time, energy, and resources to their primary mission, resulting in improved resident satisfaction and overall business success.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing IT operations enabled Morningstar Senior Living to reduce costs significantly. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the outsourcing partner, they were able to eliminate unaccounted labor costs associated with managing staff, overhead, sick days, and scaling software expenses.

Scalability and Growth

The new IT setup supported and empowered Morningstar Senior Living's business as it scaled and acquired new communities. With a more efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, the company could streamline acquisition and onboarding processes, leading to greater leveraged growth.

The Conclusion

Morningstar Senior Living's decision to outsource their IT operations toa trusted partner brought about significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, and cost savings.

By partnering with Vinco, Morningstar Senior Living successfully navigated the selection process and secured an outsourcing provider that aligned with their desired outcomes. The partnership not only addressed the existing challenges but also enabled the company to thrive and grow.

With an empowered IT services group and the elimination of technology debt, Morningstar Senior Living is well-positioned for continued successin the senior living industry.

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