OB Hospitalists

Driving Change through Enterprise Level MSP Services

OB medical provider being held by managed services support and contract


not paying enough for support

Created IT

Created IT team to support MSP


Overpaying for no support


Model created redundant failure

The Solution

Vinco met with the client and all stakeholders with the objective to understand what the desired outcomes were. We identified the issues and potential solutions to remedy them. By providing insight into what could be offered over several workshops, the client bought into the idea of handing things off to a solid IT firm. By working to SLA’s, providing out clauses for non-delivery and leading the client through modernization, the client was able to create a platform to deliver on business needs.

The Challenge

An MSP that won’t evolve and not meet SLA’s, but has an iron clad contract without an out clause is a recipe for disaster. OB Hospitalists built up an internal IT team to simply keep the business moving and doing what they could. They wanted to replace the MSP but wasn’t sure where to start.

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