Strategically Mapping Workload Solutions: Vinco's Analytical Approach


Determining where your workload is served requires analysis of your organization's needs, priorities, and constraints. Here's a brief overview of the Vinco approach:

Vinco will interview appropriate staff and teams to gather requirements and approach each area of influence.  Understanding your legacy and the roadmap to maturity will be evaluated to provide recommended paths.

Comparison model solutions include Dedicated hardware at the client premise or at Colocation, hosted private or semi-private cloud, Public Hyperscale cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Hybrid, or blends of each area for the right workload in the right region. Integration of existing or future state security and network needs will be evaluated for all areas.


  • Speed of Change – approach to scaling workloads, static vs hourly variables.
  • Cost variability – how does your organization address fixed cost vs variable models.
  • Maturity of workloads – do you have legacy workloads that have very fixed requirements.
  • Workload variability over time – scaling up or down or transitory, by day or season.
  • Connecting with an audience (partners and staff) – private, public and specialized access requirements..
  • Production vs Corporate workloads – do we address serving your clients differently than your staff.
  • Platform integration requirements: ERP, SaaS, API, AI workloads.
  • Business Continuity (DR, Ransome, geological, human).

Specific Infrastructure topics:

  • Hosted comparison models
  • Hybrid model integration and workload-optimized costing

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Comprehensive technical evaluation and strategic planning for businesses set on transformation.

Vinco White-glove Service.

Vinco's ultimate offering: complete IT transformation with minimal impact, grounded in detailed analysis.

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