Data Center.

Strategically Mapping Workload Solutions: Vinco's Analytical Approach


Determining your Data Center requirements, is based on an analysis of your organization's needs, priorities, and constraints. Here's a brief overview of the Vinco approach: Vinco will interview appropriate staff and teams to gather requirements and approach each area of influence. We will gather an understanding of your ideal workload with implications for power usage and how the workload interacts with

external sources. This is critical to understanding where and how we make recommendations. Finding the appropriate site for a 5mW AI workload is vastly different from that of a cloud-integrated workload. We will look at key metrics for growth, future states and cost to help identify recommended paths. Vinco is also able to help support remote hands for 24x7 physical plant operations and asset acquisition.


  • Power Density – How to determine what type of power and cooling (air, cold aisle,
    rear door chill or immersion, etc.) is required based on various workloads.
  • Scale – Evaluating Wholesale vs Commercial models to establish a  scale-out timeline
  • Peering – How we connect you to various partners, workloads and multiple cloud environments.
  • Remote Hands – Leveraging Remote Hands for two hours a month vs 10 staff members monitoring the environment 24x7.
  • Assets – PDU’s and power type all play a role in maximizing efficiency and limiting cost.
  • Efficiency – Evaluating PUE and voltage requirements when removing the last 3% charge on a bill.

Specific Infrastructure Topics:

  • Power, cost-modeling, B+E, all-in, usage, etc.
  • Regional tax implications
  • Cloud Access leveraging hybrid integration
  • Buying power – Get the most from your EA with each cloud; reduce cost, leverage spend, and get more out of what you commit.
  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery, ransomware, geological, human).

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