Pala Casino

Technology Evolution with Guided Partnership

Pala Casino and Resort, an Indian gaming firm needed to address tactical evolution balanced with gaming regulation.


in projects unlocked

IT team

scaled by not hiring


increase in project completion


staff attrition

The Solution

The Challenge

Legacy leadership issues, incomplete projects, and impacts of Covid created a huge process and information challenge for Pala Casino and Resort’s technology platform. Their existing network environment and team didn’t have the experience to drive results or select the right plan. Without technical leadership to partner, knowing how to take the right path was difficult.

The Outcome

Vinco met with the client and all stakeholders with the objective to understand what the desired outcomes were.  We created a roadmap and plan for the next three years and aligned that with full discovery of applications, workloads, operational areas, security concerns and the ability to support all areas needed.  

By bringing in trusted and transparent CIO leadership as a service, we were able to start projects on time, and keep them on budget.  Facilitating growth and fact based understanding of what the client can own and support without help was critical and helped drive the desired outcomes. Providing C level oversight in this case helped to drive positive outcomes for services and projects and engineering.

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